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The Unbelievable Accusations

At the age of 21 the accuser, Ajay's adult adopted daughter, claimed that she was raped 3 times a week for the previous five years – a total of  750 rapes.

2. An expert psychologist testified that there would have been recognizable signs of trauma resulting
from multiple rapes consistently over a period of time. The complaining witness alleges being
raped approximately 750 times. The expert also testified that there are processes to determine false
claims of rape. There is no record that the prosecutor took any steps to validate the complaining
witness’ claims.
  No one saw any evidence of rape or abuse of any kind:
  a. Adopted at the age of 16. The Dev's underwent the California adoption process and home reviews by the Dept. of Social Service. The Adoption Social worker who performed a psychological evaluation of the accuser and the adoptive parents and a thorough home study saw a normal loving family. The Social Worker wrote in his report that the accuser happily signed and consented to her adoption. The accuser now alleges she had been raped 120 times during this process.
  b. The accuser’s doctor testified she saw no signs of any type of abuse during the 4 years she cared for the accuser, which is counter to the current claims by the accuser that she was raped 3x per week (625 times) during that same time.
  c. Claiming she was raped while her adopted mother was asleep in the same bed, the adopted mother testified that this did not happen. She also testified that the adopted daughter did not exhibit any signs of abuse, had a normal and caring relationship with the adopted father. The adopted mother confirmed the escalation of events that led to the false accusation, as did numerous real time emails.
  d. Claiming she was raped at 5 different family and friends homes while everyone was present. These family and friends testified that they never saw any indication of a sexual assault or signs of trauma nor any signs of an improper relationship. Strangely enough these alleged assaults all took place in homes that were under 1100 sqft with at least 5 or more people present.
3. At the ages of 19-20 on several private medical documents the accuser declared that she had never been the victim of rape or abuse and she stated her first age of sexual intercourse was at 18 (more).
4. During the trial, the accuser was shown repeatedly not to be credible. Under oath she testified she never had sexual relations with any boys while she lived at home, yet a past boyfriend testified they did have sex during that same time frame.
  a. Her boyfriend testified he was having sexual relations with her while she lived at the Dev home..
  b. Her friends testified that she was having relations with boys.
  c. The neighbors testified they would see a boy coming to the house and the curtains being drawn while the adopted parents were at work.
5. A few months after making the accusation she dropped the case.
6. However, when her immigration status became compromised due to her passport fraud conviction in Nepal at the age of 22, she reasserted the charges and used Det. Hermann to secure her return and stay permanently in the USA.
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