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On Tuesday April 28, 2009 MSNBC aired a documentary entitled: Witch Hunt in Kern County.
The purpose of this documentary was to chronicle the unraveling of a small town's justice system. The main characters in this film were working class moms and dads who all were wrongly convicted of child molestation. They served lengthy prison time and were ultimately exonerated. All of the convicted were recklessly pursued by the same District Attorney, Edward R. Jagels, who remains in office today.
This documentary was produced by KTF Films. All information and viewing of this documentary can be confirmed at their web site: www.ktffilms.com
Unfortunately this story is being experienced in Yolo County and with different villains. Innocent persons are being relentlessly pursued and convicted of crimes they did not commit. For what reason? It is very evident that racism, which comes in many forms; both social and ethnic, and money plays a vital role.

In Yolo County and particularly in the case of the People vs. Ajay Dev, Judge Timothy L. Fall, like the judge in Kern County, did not allow evidence that would have helped the defendant.

The Deputy District Attorney, Steve Mount, like the Kern County prosecutor, prosecutes weak cases. The Yolo County DA , Jeff Riesig is up for re-election in 2010 and the Kern County DA was also up for re-election.
The police detective, Mark Hermann, like the Kern County investigator, relied heavily on just the complaining witness' statements. They only interviewed people that would help the complaining witness. If the evidence helped the defendant they discounted the evidence. In both cases the complaining witnesses' doctors stated that no abuse occurred.
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