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June 2011

Dear Family, Friends, Supporters and Well Wishers,

From the depths of my heart, I yearn for peace and freedom. It is with a touch of sadness then that I open this letter with a renewed sense of beginning and hope to plead for your help. June 25, 2011 marks two years of incarceration for a crime that I did not and could never commit. The Advocates for Ajay Team and our supporters will be organizing a peaceful demonstration and rally sometime this coming July. Your participation at this event is essential and most appreciated.

My faith carries me forward until I hit my wall of fear. I have been cruelly forced into this horrible situation. But we are paving the way for so many people who have been or someday will be wrongly accused and unjustly convicted. The District Attorneys (DAs) are so well connected that they feel as if they’re invincible. It is blatantly clear that there is no real oversight for DAs in our judicial system. So the only way to keep justice alive in the community is through the media and public outcry. We need your support at the upcoming and future demonstrations and rallies. These events help not only me and those falsely accused, but also help countless men and women who do not have a voice, and are trapped in our broken judicial system. It is also helping the community to be a more just place. Finally, when you show up for a demonstration and rally, the advocate team sends me the pictures of the event, and it truly keeps my spirits up to stay strong.

The Team has been working tirelessly with my attorney to undo one of the biggest cases of injustice in Yolo County’s history. We were delayed for nine months trying simply to obtain a complete record of the trial transcript from Yolo County Superior Court. This obstacle kept the Appeal from moving forward. As of this writing, we are hopeful that this will be completed soon and that the attorney can finish the work on our impending Direct Appeal with the District Appellate Court.

Although we know that justice is not supposed to be for sale, or serve political needs, we also know that people get swept up in the emotion of an alleged crime, making it real before even considering the facts. Pray along with me for the Judges in the 3rd District Appellate Court that they will not care about politics; that they will be honest, stay objective, make intelligent decisions, and won’t jump to conclusions, but consider facts over emotions; that they will apply their high integrity and consider every fact, no matter how small or large.

June 25, 2009, the day of my verdict, I broke down and cried as I was taken away from my wife, my child, my family, friends and all I hold so close to my heart. What happened that day devastated me beyond belief. My mind was screaming through my entire being; screaming for sense; for justice; for understanding; for a modicum of relief from the nightmare. I am still trying to lift myself out of a cloud of depression and unhappiness, and crushed hopes and dreams.

I know you feel my hurt when I speak about missing my first born, Kishan. He is the son that brought me the joy of fatherhood. And I know you feel my hurt to know that my heart longs to hold Jahnu in my arms as well. To look at his little face, hold his tiny hands, and to experience the blessing that he is to me. For some cruel reason I can be around many children in prison during visiting time, but not my own. My modest goal is to live a quiet and simple life but a meaningful one; touching and making a difference in people’s hearts. When will I once again taste the sweetness of freedom and hold my children in my arms? These thoughts make me anxious, but I know I need to be patient and allow God to reveal his power and grace in his own perfect time.

At my last place of confinement, Sierra Conservation Center, I worked for the education department teaching mathematics and tutoring inmates in Pre-GED studies. My recent move to Mule Creek State Prison is affording me more time to return your heaven-sent letters and I find myself wondering how I might now give something back to those who have, in so many ways, put their priorities aside for me and my family. In times of idleness I sit and think of my life - those who wronged me, and those who stood by me.  I am learning and traveling deep inside of myself but am constantly lost, and feelings of hopelessness accompany me daily. Pain, bewilderment and grief from the absolute shock of having to live this injustice seem to be my only companions during these dark times.

Will you please continue to stand by me, offer me your presence, your heart and your love? Your support serves me greatly when I am overwhelmed, in this place, with sad and conflicting thoughts. If home is where the heart is, then I am painfully out of place. I have never been more homesick than now and the fast approaching holidays only compound the issue.

In closing my friends, please lend me your hope for awhile. The time will come when I am healed and can share my renewal, hope, and love with everyone. Please help me with your participation in the upcoming demonstration and rally. Your presence gives a solid voice to the public that something has gone wrong, is wrong!! They have silenced my own voice for the moment, but yours’ are loud and clear. Your voices, the petitions and events serve as constant reminders to the shady district attorneys and investigators that their acts of life-wrecking injustice will not be tolerated!

I hope once again that this letter finds you safe, clear-minded and spiritually strong.

Yours Truly,
Ajay Dev


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Ajay Dev
AA0329; B9-215U
PO Box 409040
Ione, CA 95640

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