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Statement from Family and Friends at Ajay's Sentencing Day

Integrity, compassion, self-sacrifice, goodness, kindness, just, loyal, loving, and generosity are characteristics we ascribe to Ajay Dev, as individuals and a collective group of people who have known him intimately throughout his life. It is noteworthy that the sum of all persons who were involved with and know both the accuser and the accused have taken a stance in support of Ajay and have repudiated the lies fabricated by a woman motivated by unearned, personal gain. We do not take this stance blindly. We have witnessed the character of both persons. The evidence clearly demonstrates Ajay's innocence, fortifies his character and supports our unwavering conviction and belief in his innocence.

With the overwhelming evidence in support of Ajay's innocence, and the all too conspicuous prevarications of the accuser's testimony between the initial interview, the pretrial and the trial, the guilty verdict rendered by the jury is incomprehensible. It goes beyond reason that Ajay could be found not guilty on some counts, thereby abrogating the accuser's account of events, and found guilty on others. The not guilty verdict on charges relating to pornography and others confirm the willful act of perjury committed by the accuser.

We are offended that no action has been taken against [the acuser]for perjury and fraud by falsifying documents for illegal entrance into our country. We are offended that she has immorally gained her citizenship by circumventing our legal system. A message has been sent. The wrong message has been sent: It is okay to lie to a United States court—and you may do so without consequence. The unaccountability of such an act is a contemptible violation of morality to all law abiding citizens.

This conviction is a tragedy with devastating consequences to many victims. The victims in this case are: an innocent man who has lost his freedom, a pregnant wife and young child who are left without a husband or father, a mother and father who have witnessed the degradation of their son, and the many other family members and friends who have lost a source of spiritual strength, friendship, and inspiration. A community has lost one of its leaders—a leader who promotes peaceful interaction and relations between all men. We have lost something that cannot be replaced.

A decision of guilt in Ajay's case is tantamount to the death of a loved one. His existence has been wiped from our lives, with unjustifiable malice. Our hearts are rent with grief and cannot be made whole. None can know the profoundness of our loss. It is the thought of Ajay incarcerated unjustly with his basic fundamental rights revoked that keep us steadfast and vigil until justice is served and he has been exonerated.

We do not ask this court for leniency on Ajay Dev's behalf. An innocent man does not plead for leniency relating to crimes he did not commit. We ask the Court to make a stand on the side of morality and justice. We ask the court to weigh the evidence presented. We ask the court to recognize Ajay's innocence.
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