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Statement from Ajay on Sentencing Day

Dear Honorable Judge Fall.

Peace, mercy and grace to all of us here today and I pray that the Lord's mighty arms are sheltering upon all of us this day. This is the very first time since the allegations brought against me by my adult adopted daughter, more than 5-1/2 years ago, that I am speaking more than one sentence in front of your honor or this court. I beg your pardon and please forgive me, your honor, if my brief statement in anyway comes out disrespecting you or the court. I mean well and I am echoing my voice from the core of my heart.

Today, I, Ajay Kumar Dev, stand before God and this court and do solemnly swear on the oath of my natural born life that I am an innocent man falsely accused, tried and convicted of crimes I did not commit. I am a law abiding proud U.S. Citizen whose hopes and dreams were shattered on the afternoon of June 25, 2009, when a jury of 9 women and 3 men convicted me of the most heinous crime a person can imagine. Those, about 30 people, who witnessed the trial and all of the closing arguments, along with my attorney and I were stunned into disbelief when the verdicts were being read. I had never shed a tear completely breakdown sobbing by this profound injustice. No matter how many times and ways look at it, I just cannot comprehend how this happened and the jury found me guilty on what was presented to them. It is inconceivable that the People's case comprised no evidence and an accuser whose testimony was inconsistent and shown to have lied about core details, not just once, but her entire testimony was contaminated. While at first I failed to conceive or reconcile how the legal system could as a matter of logic and law endorse the incredulous perversion and manipulation of the courtroom by a convicted perjurer with obvious vengeful and sociopathic tendencies, but then it dawned on me and many of us who witnessed the trial that there is something much bigger at stake here and I and many others have been the true victims and am merely a pawn in this scheme.

I am a simple, peaceful and humble man, a person with integrity who comes with family values, moral values and a family that came from poverty to live an American dream almost three decades ago. My father taught me and my brother about the importance of education and my mother taught us family values. All of us hold at least a Master Degree from the University and are law abiding U.S. Citizens. I am offended by those who come to this great country illegally. Then on top of it takes advantages by cheating the government and innocent citizens for there own personal gains, just as the accuser, who frauded both the Nepal and U.S. Governments by deceiving them to obtain a green card through our adoption. She has now successfully secured her U.S. Citizenship by using the Davis Detective and the system. Someone who has a criminal conviction as an adult and continues to perjure on various U.S. official documents gets citizenship, while a U.S. Citizen with an unblemished record goes to prison! The district attorney, at least in this case, did not seek the TRUTH, did not represent the People of California and the public is not safer today. I am not an arrogant person who lacks understanding, compassion and remorse. I have a family member and a very close friend who are victims of sexual abuse. My wife and I have been advocates for women's rights ever since and we are both very sensitive to child abuse, elderly abuse, domestic violence and animal abuse. I would not have the slightest ounce of hesitation to show remorse and ask for forgiveness and apologize to the victim, victim's family, my wife, to our family, friends and community had I committed such heinous crimes. My heart is crushed your Honor knowing that I have been given this road to travel and believe me during the verdict and for the first time in my life I question my faith. But, God is all knowing and all wise, and I have to trust and have faith in Him for His nature is divine.

This conviction goes against every fiber in my being, my beliefs and what I dedicated my life to. Even in the midst of all of things, God is kind. After trying for 11 years, we have been blessed with our 16 month old beautiful son. My wife is currently 3 moths pregnant with our second child. It is my very wish and prayer and I plead, am begging your honor for mercy that your honor will at least grant me a motion of bail pending appeal, so that I can be there for my son and my pregnant wife. I have never been a danger to the citizens of Yolo County or anyone else. My integrity is sterling, and will continue to be, as many have attested to. My desire to help people have a better life is evidenced in many community volunteer activities I have led. I am not a flight risk as my entire immediate family, friends, community and my heart are in Northern California for the past 3 decades. Besides, the court has my passport. I do not pose a danger to the safety of any other person or to the community. I am responsible and reliable as I have promptly appeared before the court on all approximately 40 separate occasions in the past 3 years prior to commencement of jury proceedings.

In closing, I write this letter with heavy heart. What you are seeing is a person whose freedom has been taken away for crimes he did not, would not and could not commit. God will never give us more that we can bear. My faith is strong, even in the face of the horrendous lies about me. I stay kind, respectful and compassionate. I am hoping for divine revelation for me that somehow in this valley of pain I am given peace and ability to withstand the darts cast by my enemies. Only through my peace will the hatred of my enemies be revealed. Razor wires and steel doors cannot prevent the love of family and friends from reaching my heart. We all dream of a place where hope prevails, peace abides and love lasts forever. I have worked so hard with good intentions to help others. I have always tried to do good to others and I pray that God is there to help and protect me. I believe that hope survives, trust prevails, love abounds, faith triumphs, optimism predominates, wishes conquer and that prayers are answered. May God inspire your honor to make judgment based on truths, facts and evidences. May God be with you. Respectfully submitted. Thank you your honor.
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