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Statement by Mani Nepali Paneru of Nepal Association For Global Cooperation

With due respect to this great nation's constitution and laws, which promises liberty and justice for all, we take the liberty to use our constitutional rights of freedom of speech, and solemnly make the following statements with no ill feelings to the system and law but with the positive intention, so that our constitutional rights become a practical reality now and forever.


On the basis of publicly available information it has come to our grave attention that DDA Steve Mount and Judge Timothy Fall have made not only prejudicial, but also unacceptable comments against an independent nation and millions of its people round the globe. As a global Nepali organization, Nepal Association for Global Cooperation declare this statement.

  DDA Steve Mount said that Nepal is a communist country. If Mr. Mount had any regard for the truth or respect for the 6,000 + Nepalese Community in Northern California he could have easily looked on the State Department's website and found that Nepal is not a Maoist or communist country. Nepal is a Democratic country, with a Legal System molded after the British Legal System, which is also similar to the United States. He said Nepal doesn't issue birth certificates. Nepal issues birth certificates for all its citizens and has done so since 1975; many years before the accuser was born. And people do not have to live in government housing to work at a cigarette factory. People live in and own their own homes. He said women don't have rights. Women have rights in Nepal and hold positions in government and have been Ministers in government.

Judge Timothy Fall denied the Nepal court documents on the basis that the words "correct copy" were not used in the attestation, but the words "true translation" were used instead. The documents were not copies. They were original translations of the certified court copies and were translated from Nepali the official language into English by the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs. They certified the documents and then pursuant to California Evidence Code 1530 the documents were then certified by Nepal's Foreign Ministry and finally the Nepal Embassy in Washington , D.C.


These Official Nepal Court documents were denied as evidence despite the fact that all requirements were followed according to California Evidence Code 1530 regarding public documents in a foreign country.


By not allowing official court documents from another country that does not speak English as their official language, thus requiring translation for use in the United States , the precedent has been set that any judge in California , and possibly all of the United States , can now refuse “certified copies” of documents requiring translation. This not only effects Nepal , but all Non-English speaking countries and their citizens in the United States.

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